Deanna Wang

Hello! I am a New York-based designer, and recent graduate from Parsons School of Design. I am currently a designer at Saturday.

For me, ‘design’ is not a profession. ‘Designer’ is an identity.

As a designer, my personal values cannot be divorced from my practice and professional pursuits. Design is a representation of individual, communal, and cultural identity. In my practice, I strive to create work that includes my full self and authenticity.

Design is how I label my unique creative contribution to the world. My designs reflect my subjective human experience, which is neither neutral nor apolitical. Designers take on roles of sociologists, anthropologists, and historians as we create images in response to the messages and cultural attitudes of the world around us.

Designers see and experience the world differently. Designers are close observers, synthesizing and visually interpreting our unique experiences. I believe graphic design is the art of persuasion, with the power and potential to shape culture and drive social change. 

Situated in our contemporary cultural context, designers must think beyond the notion of design as limited to the promotion of products, brands, and mass consumption at the expense of ethical consideration. Used ethically design, should evoke empathy, and inspire people to understand and care. I aspire to design for people rather than profit.

Let’s work together!

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